Sunday, June 19, 2016

June Blog Hop - Anything Goes

I did finally get a new keyboard earlier this week ... **phew** JIT!  {Just in Time! in ecommerce and transportation logistics lingo}

This month's theme "Anything Goes" was sort of based on the idea that many of the FSJ Coaches would be just returning from the annual Convention in Arizona and might want to participate even with such a short time between getting home and the hop starting.  As the month's image suggests, I was hoping for a lighter and playful attitude toward the projects shared.  At the time, I was without a keyboard and knew I would have to take a very playful attitude toward any post I might come  up with.
Besides not being able to type easily I'm limited by the fact I have lost track of two of my sets of FSJ stamps.  The Honeycomb ATS sits nearby, though, for quick and easy use -- it gets used frequently.  It is perfect for pre-decorating some of the index cards for my Facebook comments.  And about a year ago I began leaving Skype messages (3 minute videos) for a friend on a variety of topics that spanned more than one video to pass on all the info;  that is when I began using Index Card 'placards" to open the videos so it would be easier to find a video again to access the info in it.  ICAD got me started on index cards -- and the 2016 challenge is on!  I missed the start for this year but will be jumping in ASAP! Do a small piece of art on a 3x5 index card each day in June and July ... last year, I enjoyed it so much I did more than one a day.
I love that stamp (Honeycomb ATS) and was very happy it did not get retired!  It is perfect on envelopes, the index cards and as a background image for just about everything.
Retired items are on sale while supplies last until the end of June for 40% off.  Lots of awesome stamps, dies and accessories are still available at truly fabulous prices.  Shop here:
The new FSJ Inspiration book & catalog for 2016/17 will be available July 1 and is so full of wonderful stamps and dies, I can't begin to express how much fun it is to look through, dream about owning and using all those supplies and planning projects.

June 2016 Bloom Box projects
JOIN Suse Bloom Box Buddies! I'm looking for 5 Bloom Box Buddies in June and July!  Subscribe to the Bloom Box at this FSJ site, in June or July and be invited to join the Suse Bloom Box Buddies Facebook group to share your creations and join in fun challenges and swaps plus receive a free gift from me.  Spread the word and tell your friends ... the more the merrier!  The more new buddies, the better the free gift from me!

Commenting Challenge -- open to everyone!
Rosemary and Wilma "won" for April -- I'll need snail mail addies for both so  i can send you your goodies! 
Sue G and Betsye Rose both "hopped to win" in April and I'll need snail mail addies from them also ... their favorite colors are great choices!

For June, let me know you "hop to win" in your comment for some kind of stamper's / papercrafter's goodie from me -- I know what embellishment I want most from the new catalog and am willing to share ... **groucho-esque eyebrow wiggle**

Almost forgot!  Blog Roll for the Anything Goes Hop
Crissy Salima Rivas
Betsye Rose Cimino Erazo


  1. Congratulations on your new keyboard! And I love the idea of decorating an index card every day. I may try that.

  2. I hop to win! I love what you did with the honey comb! It definitely is very versatile, and is on my wishlistšŸ˜Š

  3. Pretty cool how you used index cards to take the place of a broken keypad! Nice promotion of FSJ! And what a fun idea to "hop to win"!

  4. I really enjoyed your ICAD creations while you were keyboard-less, and love that you made some for the hop. I checked out the ICAD challenge - not sure I'm ready yet, but definitely thinking about it. And I'm thrilled that I WON something!! Thank you so much for your generosity. I'll PM you my address.

  5. Love the mixed media/art journal look of your index cards! They are perfect for the Daisy Yellow ICAD challenge where you make an index card a day for the months of June/July each year. I love the versatility of our FSJ products!

  6. Cool index cards. The butterfly stamp is one of my favorites.

  7. Love your decorated index cards... yay for new keyboard!

  8. Great Challenge Susan. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Well, what a fun idea! Sounds like something I came across to do with my students for the daily sketch. Basically, they are given a prompt and have to fulfill it on an index card. Thinking about implementing it next year. :)

  10. Life is not waiting for the storm to pass.. it's about learning to dance in the rain!! You definitely did that!! Adorable index cards!!

  11. Hi - I tried sending you my snail mail address via PM, but not sure it ever got to you. So here it is. And thanks in advance!
    Wilma Payne
    6385 Meadow Drive
    Pueblo, CO 81004