Sunday, February 14, 2016

February FSJ Blog Hop Starts Here

to the first
Journey Blog Hoppers'
Blog Hop!

The theme for this month's Hop is "Valentine's Day / Love" ...  Our bloggers this month are:

1. Susan Berg
2. Kerry Urbatch 
3. Cindy Bristow
4. Janice Whiting
5.  Christine Pennington
6.  Vicki Schmidt Soni 
7.  Jenny Watson 
8.  Becky Lemire 
9.  Tami Weil 
10.  Carol Norby
11.  Rachael Shedeed
12. Ruth Cooper 
13. Kathy Dowbenko 

Next month's Hop begins March 13 and the theme is Spring Blooms.  Join us then!

1 comment:

  1. You mentioned next month's hop - how does one join a blog hop? I'm a new FSJ Coach (just joined YESTERDAY!!) and might be interested in getting into one. Thanks.