Sunday, February 14, 2016

"Stuck On You" -- FSJ Blog Hop Stop One

Welcome!  This is the first "Journey Blog Hoppers" Blog Hop.
Our theme for the February Hop is "Valentine's Day / Love" ...

You are at the first stop ... 
"Stuck On You"
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I just joined Fun Stampers Journey (FSJ) in January.  The response to the "join us" deal was bigger than expected so that some of the items that should have been in the starter kit were back ordered.  I thought, though, that I could pull off putting together a card or project using just my limited FSJ supplies.

Card Stock:
     Hazelnut Blend (CS-0013)
     Oatmeal Cookie (CS-0023)
     Lemongrass (CS-0019)
Journey Twine:
     Natural (AC-0005)
Stamp Set:
     Stuck On You (SS-0201)

At first, I almost did not add that particular stamp set to my kit order.  Oh, I am so happy I changed my mind and got it!  It is such a fun stamp set!  I think I will be using it A LOT!

FSJ really does not sell coloring tools, so I was able to dig into my stash of pencils, pens and markers for this project (where we wanted to use FSJ-only supplies as much as possible).  Well, sort of stash. 
We moved back in the autumn but most of the boxes are not yet unpacked ...We went from a large house to a single-wide trailer.  And we have not figured out exactly what we will or should do with the stuff as we unbox it.  My good pencils are thus ... who knows where.  In desperation back in the fall, so I could keep on being creatively happy, I purchased a set of 24 Crayola colored pencils and hubby added a couple of small 12 pencil sets of CraZArt colored pencils during the "back-to-school" sales and the reduced prices in the "school-has-already-started-so-we-wanna-get-rid-of-this-extra-stuff" clearance sale ... BUT now the pencil sharpener has lost its pencil shavings collection cup ... meaning I can't keep using the colored pencils for long.  **sigh**

Coloring -- the Best Part of Rubber Stamping!

Back in December, hubby got his Christmas Wish -- no major snow until after Christmas.  And sure enough, we did have about an inch one day but basically we did not have Wisconsin weather until after Christmas!  :-D  That also meant I felt able to take advantage of a really good deal on a few "fluid" items that might have frozen otherwise.

Among the goodies were a couple of sets of Spectrum Noir markers.  They are an alcohol ink -- and I've had both some Copics and the Spectrum Noir in the past but they are all just about bone dry (if I know where to find them).  They are all fun to use but I had not really decided whether they are worth the price.  Still not sure they are but a really good sale price might just make them something to add back into my stash.  The old ones had been used up and are still "lost" so I got new markers not refillsPrimary colors, (reds, yellows and blues sets) thinking I could mix and blend them like I would with paint or pencil.  Alcohol markers work differently though.

I made a color chart of the 6 yellows in the set crossed by the 6 blues in their set.  None really looked like green to me but I got "brave" and tried it out using the lightest yellow and blue ... I was pleasantly surprised by the results.  The green had a little bit of mottled light blue in it;  overall it turned out okay.  I then shaded using a variety of the colored pencils.  Then I used a marker from the yellow set, really an orange, on the pot plus the darkest from the red set to add in the shading.  For further shading of the pot, I let the under layer dry out before putting another layer of the same orangey marker on top ... 

The flowers were colored in using pens from a set of gel pens hubby found in the office supplies department ("Fashion Gel").  The pink and peach worked well, I think.  A gray pencil was used to put a small shadow under the pot and the text.  (The bows kept the panel from laying flat in the Flip-Pal, so that shadowing doesn't show up very well.)

The white of the cardstock is a bit stark against the dark brown panel.  Normally, a light edge would have been added using a sponge rubbed across the ink pad.   Since I am sticking to my FSJ supplies, I don't have the right color for that yet ... Maybe should have cut out the cactus or torn the edges of the smaller white panel or ...  Next one ... LOL!  There will be more -- I love this set of stamps and will be doing a lot with it.

In fact, it has already found its way on to 10 Artist Trading Cards for a swap ... they will be coming to the blog soon!  So will the completed card -- this is a panel that will be added to a card -- probably on a photo-mount card but I am not sure yet.  I will share it once it is finished.

Yep, I "need" more!  And so do you!  LOL!

I need more colors, a few embellishments and ... and ... and ... LOL!

 So, I have a "Party" in progress at  I believe this link should add your order to the party.  The party will run until Monday, February 22, 2016.  It will be a "Mystery Hostess" party (so when you check out, it may want to send your order to a "Miss Mary Terry" (um, "Miss Terry"  haha) -- be sure to put in your delivery info since there really isn't such a person hostessing this party -- I just enjoy the silliness of using a punny name like that).  Depending on the party size, hostess goodies will be split among the shoppers by Mr Random ...
On top of possibly winning hostess goodies, anyone who purchases the "Stuck on You" stamp set as part of their party order will receive a special "thank you" gift from me ...

There is more!  If your order totals $50 or more, FSJ offers free "gift with purchase" items ... see them here:  (it is a zipped folder with 2 pdf files of the freebies you can choose from).


During February, Fun Stampers Journey is offering you the opportunity to do two things -- Join FSJ and get one extra set of stamps with your customizable kit (contact me at Facebook for more information); plus it's a BOGO Sale on embellishments.  For the full list, go here.  Your dollars do more during a BOGO (Buy One Get One) sale!

Hop Hop Hop on over to Kerry Urbatch's blog next ...

Stop back here at SuseADoodleDo-Journeys soon -- ATCs making their debut soon plus lots more and further info on the BOGO and How we are progressing on the Party (and find out what hostess goodies are available as we go along ...) and more :D

Next month's Blog Hop will have the theme of Spring Blooms.  Already looking like it will be lots of fun.  Be sure you come back for that too.

For another chance to get a free gift from me, leave a comment below admitting you would like a free gift and telling me which of the Free Gift With Purchase items is your favorite.

[P.S.  If you get lost during the February Blog Hop -- go here for the full blogroll.]


  1. Love the set. I don't have it but was lucky to ink up some images at seminar last year. The torn paper element adds to the prickly effect!

  2. Good Job!
    for minimal supplies, you Rocked!

  3. You did a great job with what you had, Susan! I love that stamp set, too! :)

  4. Adorable card! Love the coloring and one of my favorite stamp sets!

  5. Great job with the supplies you had on hand. I like the use of the torn paper to add interest.

    1. had to cover up all the white in the corner somehow and the scraps on the table seemed "just the thing" ... LOL!

  6. Yes, great job!! I just started also and wasn't brave enough to make the jump... I mean hop!!

    1. there is "limited unlimited" hop with only 2 or 3 signed up for the 29th ... and the march one "spring blooms" -- it is amazing what can be done with just a few supplies -- i could have done better but i'm being stingy with what i have until i get more LOL!

  7. I love the stuck on you set and you did a great job shocasing what you have. Only the beginning of a great and fun journey!

  8. "Hopping" to win! I like the Quote & Quote dies, they are really cute.

  9. Very cute card! Great job on the hop

  10. Cute card! Love how you showed your coloring example with the Spectrum markers. Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. Love this card! You rocked your new kit!!! Cant wait to see what you do with a full arsenal of supplies!

    1. got everything (the butterly prints set and the honsycomb ats) now and I'm gonna have lots of fun this week!

  12. what a fun card, love the coloring/shading I really suck at that type of thing.. :D