Monday, February 29, 2016

Mini Blog Hop - "Limited Unlimited" & STILL "Stuck on You" :D

Welcome to a Mini Blog Hop from the Journey Blog Hoppers.  

Fun Stampers Journey grew phenomenally in January due to the incredible "join us" deal that was offered.  There is another really wonderful deal available through tonight (2/29/16) ... I will include details at the end of the post here ...

So there are lots of new Coaches and many of us actually got our hands on our very first set of Fun Stampers Journey stamps, dies, inks, cardstock, a few embellishments and supplies with the arrival of our starter kits.  And when the first Blog Hop was proposed, many who were interested said they did not feel ready -- either no blog yet or felt they did not have enough supplies to pull off a "great" project to show off and "Wow!" everyone with.  

I felt it is possible to work with a limited amount of supplies.  So, I proposed this "extra" Blog Hop with the theme of "Limited" (yet "Unlimited) ... For instance, the set of stamps I used for the first blog hop got used for a swap of ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) and again for this "project" too.  In fact, I expect that "Stuck on You" [SS-0201] may find its way into lots and lots of projects ...

So, here's my "project" for this Mini Hop:

The panel from the first Blog Hop that went live on Valentine's Day will go on the front of the card.  This panel will go on the inside.

The cactus and the "thank you" are from the "Stuck on You" stamp set;  the "for your order" I added in using a Pitt Pen (size S).  

The colored cardstocks used are Hazelnut Blend [CS-0013] & Lemongrass [CS-0019].  I also used the Licorice Black Fusion Ink Pad  [IP-0041] to stamp the image and text.

Spectrum Noir alcohol ink markers, Crayola and CraZArt colored pencils were used to color in the image and to add the slight shadow under the pot.

It is simple, uses minimal supplies, but I like it and hope you do too.  You don't "need" lots of tools and supplies to create fun projects.  But ... we all know we do "need" them, don't we?  LOL!  And I've got a deal for you to do just that -- get more fun stuff for your papercrafting stash:

Last Chance for these wonderful deals!! 


(OOPS -- that last statement reminded me of this old "Silly Song" from an LP set by that title (um, "Silly Songs" ... and I gotta "share" it with ya ...)

Okay, now for the two deals that end tonight --
It's called Plus One ... It's a BOGO sale!  Buy One, Get One accessory / embellishment.
During February, Fun Stampers Journey is offering you the opportunity to do two things -- Join FSJ and get one extra set of stamps with your customizable kit (contact me at Facebook for more information); plus it's a BOGO Sale on embellishments.  For the full list, go here.  Your dollars do more during a BOGO (Buy One Get One) sale!
You can easily become a Fun Stampers Journey Coach (before tonight's deadline) here then be sure to click on the "Become a Coach" link at the top of the page, and choose the"Customizable Kit" to take advantage of the chance to add ANY other stamp set to your starter kit.  (I'll be honest, I get to choose a free set of stamps too!  So THANK YOU ahead of time for joining today.)

If You Happen to Be Reading This After 2/29/2016

You may be interested to know what the current "Join Us" Deal may be -- leave a comment below making sure your email address is included in your data about yourself and I'll get back to you (if you leave your email address as part of the comment use "dot" not the . so that web spiders can't steal your email address and spam you.)  Or contact me through Facebook.

Oh, Yeh, we're on a Mini Blog Hop 

-- Here are the other bloggers who were brave enough to join in :D  Leave 'em some love for their bravery LOL!  Their projects are wonderful and you will want to see them! 

Ruth Cooper  --
Michelle Rothman Greenfield  --

THANKS for joining us ...
More posts coming soon and the next "regularly scheduled" blog hop will go live March 13 and the theme is "Spring Blooms" (oops, had a typo there for a moment but caught it -- it did say "Spring Booms" -- hmmm ... **shakes head**)

See ya soon! :D

Oh, 'Tis an "Extra Monday," isn't it?

February usually has just four of each day of the week but this year, Leap Year, gives us one extra day and this time it is an extra Monday.  Like we all need extra MONDAYS in our lives, right?  LOL!  So, what do you do with an extra Monday?  Have a birthday celebration!  Watch "The Pirates of Penzance" if you need to know more ... in the meantime while you get someone else in the house to find it at RedBox online, watch this:

that was just silly LOL so here is the one to watch after you suffer through the Veggie one ...

 sorry, I pulled another "fast one" on ya ... here it is!  Yes, it is ...

THANKS for visiting today!  Leave a comment and let me know you were here (just say "HI!" if you don't want to comment on the card or the videos LOL!) ...  

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  1. Love the cactus set. SO fun to include some scripty writing too.